UEF/CP Feedback Program Training Video

Training Recording This is a recording of the live training for the User Experience Feedback (UEF) and Community Preview (CP) feedback programs on August 22, 2023. This training walks through the goals of the feedback programs, demonstrates how to access the feedback program materials, and answers questions related to the feedback program. https://youtu.be/mAgQ7Ps25Jk PowerPoint Presentation … Read more

Account Setup and Login

Accessing N-PEARS for the first time involves three steps, outlined below. If your user account and password are already set up, skip to step 3 for more information on how to log in. 1. Add a New User Account National Office, Regional Office, and State agency user accounts can be set up by the N-PEARS … Read more

Data Overwrite Warning

N-PEARS does not allow multiple people to edit the same section at the same time in a given plan. If multiple users are working on the same section of a plan, N-PEARS will send a warning including a list of the other users on the page, like the one below: This warning will not appear … Read more

What is the difference between PEARS and N-PEARS?

PEARS and National PEARS (N-PEARS) are separate online systems for SNAP-Ed reporting. More details about both systems and the differences between them are provided below. What is the system used for? PEARS collects program data at a granular level to help agencies evaluate their work, analyze their impacts, and aggregate data for reporting. N-PEARS focuses … Read more

Reset/Forgot Password

The following article details how to update your password.  Forgot Password Reset Password Forgot Password On the login screen click Forgot Password. Enter your email and click Reset My Password. You will receive an email. Click Change Password. Enter a new password and verify it. Click Change Password. Reset Password Click your name in the lower … Read more

Annual Plan Training Videos

1. Getting Started in National PEARS This video provides general information about how the system works. https://youtu.be/glApvdKOAeM 2. National PEARS Workflow This video describes the order in which tasks can be completed within the system. https://youtu.be/agFk5ZhgFL0 3. State Plan Setup This video describes how to set up system access for Implementing Agencies, and complete other … Read more

SNAP-Ed State Plan Process

The following list outlines the order in which each piece of the Annual Plan will be completed. The system includes validation to ensure each piece is completed in this order. This list is provided for your reference, to help guide your submission process and timeline. See below for visuals representing this process. SNAP-Ed State Plan … Read more

Component Locations in the Annual Plan

Many forms within the system include a simple list of textboxes or multiple-choice fields. Some forms include more complex components to structure the data effectively. These components are repeated throughout the system. This article provides a list of components appearing within each module. Examples of each component are provided here: N-PEARS Components. Target Audience and Needs Assessment Section Components Introduction … Read more