Plan to Report Copy: Projects and Activities

Applicable data from the “Planned Projects and Activities” module in the annual plan is automatically copied to the “Project and Activity Results” module in the report for the corresponding year (for example, when starting the FY 2025 report, data is copied from the FY 2025 plan). Data copied forward from the annual plan can be edited within the annual report, as needed, to reflect the activities that took place during the fiscal year.

Annual Plan Location

Annual Report Location

Data Copied

Target Audience and Needs Assessment>State Priority GoalsState Plan Setup>Priority GoalsPriority Goals, Goal Type
SNAP-Ed Action Plan>Objectives & Indicators
State Plan Setup> Objectives & IndicatorsSMART Objectives, SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework Indicators, Other Performance Indicators
Planned Projects and Activities>Project DescriptionProject and Activity Results>Basic InformationProject Name, Brief Description
Planned Projects and Activities>Interventions>SNAP-Ed Toolkit InterventionsProject and Activity Results>SNAP-Ed Toolkit InterventionsIntervention Name, Description of Adaptations
Planned Projects and Activities>Interventions>Previously Developed InterventionsProject and Activity Results>Other Previously Developed InterventionsOther Previously Developed Intervention Names, Evidence Information
Planned Projects and Activities>SNAP-Ed Indicators MeasuredProject and Activity Results>SNAP-Ed Indicators MeasuredSNAP-Ed Indicators Measured*
Planned Projects and Activities>Direct Education>LanguagesProject and Activity Results>Direct Education>Languages
Planned Projects and Activities > Priority Populations
Project and Activity Results>
Priority Populations
SNAP-Ed Action Plan > Objectives & Indicators
Project and Activity Results>Link SMART Objectives
Link SMART Objectives*
*Note: SNAP-Ed Indicators Measured will copy over beginning with the FY 2024 Reports