Approve an IA Amendment

To approve an IA amendment as a State Agency, begin by clicking Work on Amendment from the homepage. The overview page opens. Select Implementing Agency Amendments. Implementing Agencies with amendments display. Press the dropdown arrow to view the amendment. Review each module of the amended Plan before approving, using the Review buttons. 4. Once all changes have … Read more

Canceling an Amendment (IA)

To cancel an implementing agency Amendment, begin by clicking Work on Amendment. The Annual Plan Amendment Overview appears. Select the Implementing Agency Amendments section from the navbar.  Implementing agencies involved in the Amendment appear. Select Cancel Amendment. A modal will appear to confirm the action. Select Cancel Amendment to confirm the cancellation of the Amendment. … Read more

Start an Amendment

Amendments allow you to make changes to a Plan after the submission period. Amendments can only be initiated by a State Agency but can apply to both State Agencies and implementing agencies. To begin an amendment, select Start Amendment. The Start Amendment modal will appear. Select the checkbox under “Select IAs to initiate an Amendment” … Read more

Cancelling a State Agency Amendment

To cancel an amendment in progress, select Work on Amendment from the homepage. The Annual Plan amendment will open. On the overview page, select Cancel Amendment to cancel the State Agency’s Annual Plan Amendment. ! CAUTION: Canceling the State Agency Amendment will also cancel any implementing agency Amendments in progress. The State Agency can reopen cancelled … Read more

Review State Amendments and Request Changes

After State Agencies submit the Annual Plan Amendments, the Regional Office can review each amendment and request changes. After logging in, the Welcome page appears. All submitted State plans are listed. To begin reviewing a plan, click View Plan. The Final Review page lists each module from the State plan. Click the Review button to … Read more

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary Module provides a high-level overview of the impact of programming on target objectives. This module should be completed last in the Annual Report. The Executive Summary Module provides a high-level overview of the impact of programming on target objectives. This module should be completed last in the Annual Report.   The Key Successes … Read more

SNAP-Ed Financial Reporting

SNAP-Ed Financial Reporting The SNAP-Ed Financial Reporting Section allows agencies to submit a record of expenses and finances for the current fiscal year. The SNAP-Ed Financial Reporting module has six distinct sections.  In SNAP-Ed Project Expenditures, the SNAP-Ed Expenditures for projects conducted by your agency are displayed. For agencies that do not have projects, you … Read more

Annual Report Data Import

To help save time as your team prepares the Annual Report, N-PEARS includes a “Data Import” feature allowing you to add required annual report data to some sections via an Excel upload. Note that this feature is optional; you can also enter data manually in each section of N-PEARS. For instances where you have a low quantity of … Read more

Annual Report Final Review: Implementing Agencies

Introductory or explanatory text… After entering data for all modules, review the Annual Report. From the homepage, click Work on the Annual Report.   From the Annual Report Overview, go to the navigation menu and select Final Review.  The Final Review section lists each module from the Report. Click the Review button to examine data from a specific module.  Details … Read more

Submit Report: Implementing Agencies

Before submitting the report, all modules must be reviewed. For instructions on reviewing the report, see Annual Report Final Review (Implementing Agency). From the homepage, click Work on the Annual Report. The Annual Report Overview page appears. Go to the navigation menu and select Final Review.   In the Final Review section, click Submit. The Submit page appears. To … Read more