SNAP-Ed Financial Reporting

SNAP-Ed Financial Reporting
The SNAP-Ed Financial Reporting Section allows agencies to submit a record of expenses and finances for the current fiscal year. The SNAP-Ed Financial Reporting module has six distinct sections. 
  1. In SNAP-Ed Project Expenditures, the SNAP-Ed Expenditures for projects conducted by your agency are displayed. For agencies that do not have projects, you can press “Continue” to mark the section as complete. The total expenses for each direct cost category are also listed. 
  2. The Other SNAP-Ed Expenditures section allows agencies to report SNAP-Ed Expenditures not accounted for in project budgets. This may include the cost of non-project activities within an agency’s annual plan. Contracts with implementing agencies should not be included in the contract expenditures portion of this section. 
  3. In the Indirect Costs section, costs incurred by grantees and subgrantees charged directly to the funding agencies are reported. These are reported in the Total Indirect Costs field. 
  4. In the Carry-over Expenditures section, you may report your agency’s total unobligated SNAP-Ed balance, also called carryover, from the previous Federal Fiscal Year. 
  5. In the Total Agency Expenditures section, a table is displayed showing your agency’s operating expenditures for this fiscal year. This section is a helpful tool for reviewing the totals to make sure they look right. 
  6. The Program Income section allows you to list if your agency generated any program income through SNAP-Ed programming. 
  7. When all sections of the SNAP-Ed Financial Reporting are complete, you may click “Mark as Complete” to complete the module.