Start an Amendment

Amendments allow you to make changes to a Plan after the submission period. Amendments can only be initiated by a State Agency but can apply to both State Agencies and implementing agencies.
  1. To begin an amendment, select Start Amendment. Start Amendment button.
  2. The Start Amendment modal will appear. Select the checkbox under “Select IAs to initiate an Amendment” to remove any IAs that do not need amendments.  To begin an amendment exclusive to the State Agency, uncheck all IA boxes.IA Checkboxes
  3. Select Start Amendment to initiate the amendment(s). Agencies involved will be notified that an amendment has been initiated. 
    Start Amendment Modal
  4. The Start Amendment button is now replaced with a notification that an amendment is initializing. Depending on the size of your annual plan, this process may take a few minutes to complete. Refresh the page to gain access to the amendment.
    Amendment Initializing Notification