Comprehensive Needs Assessment vs. Needs Assessment Update

The Annual Plan will fall under the category of a comprehensive needs assessment or needs assessment update. You will be asked to select one of these options in the Basic Information section of the State Plan Setup.
Needs Assessment Setup Question
If you select comprehensive needs assessment will be prompted to choose the Gross Income Limit for this Plan. The corresponding data set will prepopulate the demographics for the SNAP-Ed-eligible population using the American Community Survey.
For the needs assessment update, all data is copied from the prior year’s Plan for modules 1 and 2. The Gross Income Limit question will not be displayed.
The data copy occurs when the State Agency user clicks “Begin 2024 Annual Plan” in the Begin Plan section of the State Plan Setup. If Amendments for the prior year’s Plan are not approved, data copying will only be available from the latest approved Plan, not the Amendments in progress.