Print or Save a PDF of Your Work

Overview The following instructions outline how to create a PDF of your work in N-PEARS to print or save.   Print a PDF Save to PDF Print a PDF Google Chrome Navigate to the final review tab and click “PDF Version” A print dialogue will appear. Select your printer from the drop down options to the … Read more

Reset/Forgot Password

The following article details how to update your password.  Forgot Password Reset Password Forgot Password On the login screen click Forgot Password. Enter your email and click Reset My Password. You will receive an email. Click Change Password. Enter a new password and verify it. Click Change Password. Reset Password Click your name in the lower … Read more

Add a New Project to the Annual Plan

To add a new project or update an existing project, open the Planned Projects module. Projects reported for the current year appear in a list. To add a new project, click Add Project. To update an existing project, click the edit icon. To add a project that has not previously been reported in the system, … Read more

Add a New Evaluation to the Annual Plan

From the Annual Plan overview page, open the Planned Evaluations module. The Planned Evaluations list appears. To add a new Evaluation, click Add Evaluation. Alternatively, edit existing Evaluations by selecting the Edit Icon.   To add an evaluation that has not previously been reported in the system, enter the name of the new evaluation and … Read more

Start the Annual Plan

After logging in, the Welcome page appears. Select Start Annual Plan to begin adding data.   Each Annual Plan module is represented by a card.  Click Start to begin editing a module. Once a module is selected, the first page appears.   A navigation menu is included in the left sidebar. A progress bar and page … Read more

Field Types

This article describes the types of data entry fields included in the National PEARS system. Conditional Fields Some fields only appear if certain responses are selected in previous fields.  Example: The textbox to describe adaptations only appears if the intervention will be adapted. Date Range Dates may be selected from the calendar provided.  Drop-down List … Read more

Direct Cost Category Definitions

Salaries/benefits Salaries/benefits of personnel involved in SNAP-Ed and administrative support. Noncapital equipment/office supplies Includes office equipment, supplies, postage, and duplication costs necessary to carry out project objectives. Nutrition education materials Includes the development and production of SNAP-Ed materials when no other appropriate materials exist. Travel Includes charges for travel necessary to fulfill the approved plan. Cost of using publicly … Read more

Annual Plan Budget Example

Examples and calculation details for each budget section are included below.  Planned Staffing Implementing Agency Budgets Project Budgets Other SNAP-Ed Expenditures Non-SNAP-Ed Funding Travel Indirect Costs Estimated Unobligated Balance Total Budget The data shown in this example are designed to represent the calculations performed within the site and do not represent actual SNAP-Ed budget data. Planned … Read more

Annual Plan Glossary

Direct Education An evidence-based, behavior-focused nutrition education and physical activity intervention conducted at the individual and interpersonal levels with an intensity and duration that supports behavior change and allows for active engagement in-person or through interactive media.  IAImplementing Agency Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs) Institutions of higher education that serve minority populations and receive U.S. Department of Interior funding … Read more