Coordination and Collaboration

Welcome to the Annual Report in National PEARS! This article will walk through the sixth module: Coordination and Collaboration. In this module you will identify any federal programs, multisector partnerships, tribes and tribal organizations, or minority serving institutions your agency collaborated with in a significant way.   Section 1: Federal Nutrition, Obesity Prevention, and Health … Read more

Review State Reports & Request Changes

After State Agencies submit Annual reports, the Regional Office can review each report and request changes. After logging in, the Welcome page appears. All submitted State documents are listed. You can narrow down the results by using the filter at the top of the page. To begin reviewing a plan, click View Report. The Final … Read more

Submit Report (SA)

Before submitting the plan, all data must be reviewed. For additional instructions, see the following: Review IA Reports and Request Changes Final Review (SA) From the homepage, click Work on Annual Report. From the Annual Report Overview page, go to the navigation menu and select Final Review. In the Final Review section, once all modules … Read more

Final Review (SA)

After entering data for all modules, review the Annual Report. The Final Review combines data from all IA reports and the State report into one comprehensive view. This format matches the Regional Coordinator’s view of the report. From the homepage, click Work on the Annual Report. From the Annual Report Overview page, go to the … Read more

Review IA Reports & Request Changes

After Implementing Agencies submit report, the State Agency can review IA reports and request changes. Each IA report is reviewed separately. NOTE: All data listed on this page is example data only and does not represent actual data within N-PEARS. From the homepage, click Work on the Annual Report.   From the Annual Report Overview … Read more

Add a New Evaluation to the Annual Report

From the Annual Report overview page, open the Evaluation Reports module. The Evaluations list appears. To add a new Evaluation, click Add Evaluation. Alternatively, edit existing Evaluations by selecting the Edit Icon.   To add an evaluation that has not previously been reported in the system, enter the name of the new evaluation and click Save.  Once … Read more

2024-01-18 – N-PEARS Annual Report Updates

Happy New Year! We hope 2024 is off to a great start. We are excited to announce a few updates to the annual report in N-PEARS that are now live.  Success Story Requirement waived   When the annual report first launched in N-PEARS, all implementing agencies were required to add at least two success stories. This … Read more

Add a New Project to the Annual Report

To add a new project or update an existing project, open the Projects and Activity Results module. Projects reported for the current year appear in a list. To add a new project, click Add Project. To update an existing project, click the edit icon. To add a project that has not previously been reported in … Read more

How is Data Entered into the Annual Report

Data can be entered into the Annual Report through three ways: Data that is copied from the Annual Plan into to the report Data that is added through the importer Data that is manually entered into the system. To jump to a specific module, click one of the links below: Project and Activity Results Evaluation … Read more

Troubleshooting Annual Report Data Import

Overview National PEARS offers a data importer to ease data entry. When an error prevents the document from importing, the system will provide a variety of notifications to assist with completion of the document.  Clicking Download file with errors will download a spreadsheet that notates the issues preventing the importer from completing. Hovering over the red … Read more