State Agency Amendment Final Review and Submission

Once you’ve completed data entry on your your amendment, it’s time for the final review and submission.
  1. Navigate to the Final Review section in N-PEARS 
    Final Review Button
  2. Any modules you made updates in will need to be reviewed. Click the Review button
    Review button
  3. Click the arrow next to reviewed to expand each item and review the information entered. Click the check box to mark each item as reviewed. 
    review projects arrow
  4. When all items are reviewed, click Mark as Reviewed to complete review of each module.mark as reviewed button
  5. Click Submit submit button
  6. The Assurances and Signatures page will appear. The attachment to your original plan is attached, but you can optionally attach another Assurances and Signatures page as needed. Click continue. 
    Continue button
  7. Click Submit Amendment to send your document to your Regional Office 
    Submit Amendment Button