Coordination and Collaboration

Welcome to the Annual Report in National PEARS! This article will walk through the sixth module: Coordination and Collaboration. In this module you will identify any federal programs, multisector partnerships, tribes and tribal organizations, or minority serving institutions your agency collaborated with in a significant way.  

Section 1: Federal Nutrition, Obesity Prevention, and Health Programs

The first section in the Coordination and Collaboration module is where you will report any Federal Nutrition, Obesity Prevention, and Health Programs that your agency coordinated or collaborated with in a significant way. To be considered significant, coordination or collaboration should include regular ongoing dialogue and information or resource sharing. Only providing space for SNAP-Ed programming or distributing SNAP-Ed materials would not be considered significant coordination or collaboration. Collaborations with Federal programs can be at regional, State and/or local levels. Please retain all written agreements outlining roles and responsibilities of entities involved. 
add data, other, and save buttons
A list of federal programs is provided in this section. If you completed significant work with one of these programs, click the “Add Data” button to identify the purpose of collaboration between your agency and the federal program. If your purpose is not listed, click the “Other” box. A text box will appear for you to report your work. Click the save button in the lower corner of the program’s box to save information related to that specific program. 
add additional program field
If your program is not listed, you can add it in the “add additional program” field. This will create a block for that program so you can enter the purpose of collaboration you conducted with that program.  
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Click continue to complete this section and advance to the next section. 

Section 2 Multisector Partnerships and Coalitions.  

The Multisector Partnerships and Coalitions section is where you will report partnerships with at least five diverse sector representatives that engage in coordinated planning for changes in Policies and/or practices for nutrition, physical activity, food security, and/or obesity prevention. These partners often work together as a coalition, such as in a SNAP-Ed State Nutrition Action Council (SNAC). 
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All of your reported multisector partnerships/coalitions will be listed here. If you need to make any changes to a partnership, click the edit button to the right of the line you need to adjust. Click the delete button to completely remove that report.  
Add partnership or coalition button
To report a partnership that isn’t listed, click the “Add Partnership/Coalition” to enter information relating to a multisector partnership that your agency actively engaged with this year. Enter the Partnership/Coalition Name, number of organizations involved in each sector represented, the geographic level of this partnership/coalition, and describe any key activities you completed as a partnership. If you need to add any additional sectors not represented, click “add a new row”. Once this form is complete, click “Save Partnership/Coalition” in the lower left. 
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Click “Continue” at the bottom of this page to move to the next section. 

Section 3 Tribes and Tribal Organizations

The Tribes and Tribal Organizations section is where you will report any SNAP-Ed work with tribal organizations.  
Add TO button
To report efforts with Tribal Entities, click the Add TO button in the upper right corner of the section. A form will pop up giving you the opportunity to list the name and contact information of the organization, the nature of the work you conducted with them, describe the outcomes of your work and any written comments received.
Save TO button
Once you have completed this form, click Save TO in the lower left of this pop up to save your work and exit. 
Edit or delete buttons 
If you need to make any adjustments to your work, click the edit or delete buttons to the right of each tribe.  
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Click continue at the bottom of the page to move to the next section.  

Section 4: Minority-Serving Institutions 

The final data entry section in the Coordination and collaboration module is where you will list any significant work with Minority-Serving Institutions. Minority-Serving institutions (MSIs) are institutions of higher education that serve minority populations and receive U.S. Department of Interior funding and resources on behalf of their students and communities. MSIs include historically Black colleges and universities, Hispanic-serving institutions, Tribal colleges and universities, and Asian American and Pacific Islander serving institutions. 
Add MSI button
To add a MSI to the list, click the Add MSI button in the upper right corner of the section. This will open a form for you to enter the MSI name, type, nature of coordination and collaboration, and describe the planned coordination and collaboration between the MSI and your agency. Once this form is completed, click “Save MSI” in the lower left corner to return to the previous screen.  
Save and continue and edit buttons
Like previous sections, you can make any edits or delete a specific entry by clicking the buttons to the right of the line. Click Continue to complete this section. 
That brings you to the end of this module. If you are finished entering all significant work you completed with other agencies, click Mark as Complete. Until you fully submit your report you can come back to this module by marking it as incomplete and making any adjustments as necessary 
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