Account Setup and Login

Accessing N-PEARS for the first time involves three steps, outlined below. If your user account and password are already set up, skip to step 3 for more information on how to log in.

1. Add a New User Account

  • National Office, Regional Office, and State agency user accounts can be set up by the N-PEARS Support team. 

  • Implementing agency user accounts can be set up by the State agency. More information on how to set up IA accounts and send sign-in emails is provided here: State Plan Setup and IA Management.

2. Account Sign-Up

  • Once a user account is added, the user is sent a National PEARS Account Sign-up email from The Canopy Team (

  • Users can click the “Sign Up” button or use the url provided to set up a password and finalize the account creation process.
    Account Sign-Up Button and URL
  • The “Sign Up” link is valid for 7 days. If your sign-up window has expired, please reach out to N-PEARS Support for a new email. IA staff can reach out to the State agency for a new email.

3. Log in to N-PEARS

  • Once a user has signed up for their account, they can access N-PEARS here:

  • Please note that the Sign Up button is for account sign-up only, and should not be used to access N-PEARS long term. Use the url provided above to access the system after account sign-up.