State Plan Setup and IA Management

The setup module is the first step for State Agencies in the Annual Plan. This will establish your gross income limit, implementing agencies for the upcoming year, and identify if this is a comprehensive Needs Assessment or a Needs Assessment Update. 
Implementing Agencies cannot access their Annual Report until this module is completed, so try to finish it as soon as possible. 

State Plan Setup

  1.  Login and select Start Annual Plan
    Start 2024 Annual Plan Button
  2.  An introduction section displays. Click “I understand, continue”
    I understand, continue button
  3.  The Manage Implementing Agencies section appears. Select “Add Implementing Agency” to add implementing agencies for your state. Add Implementing Agency Button
  4. The Find Implementing Agency form appears. Any agencies that have been added to N-PEARS in previous years can be selected with a check box. If an implementing agency is not listed, click “create a new agency.”Find Existing Agency Modal
  5. The Add Implementing Agency form appears. Add the agency name and select the category that best represents the agency.
    Agency name and category fields
  6. Next, give implementing agency staff access to the IA plan. Multiple users can be added, as needed. For each IA staff member that needs access to N-PEARS enter user details and click “Send Invite.”
    Send Invite Button
  7. When the “Send Invite” button is clicked, N-PEARS sends an “Account Sign-up” email to the user. If the user has not yet signed up for their account, the system will list their invite as pending. If needed, State Agencies can resend invites to IA users. State Agencies can remove users from an IA by clicking the “X.”
    Arrows point to the invite pending notice, resend email link, and x to remove a user
  8. Once all IA details and users have been added, click “Save Implementing Agency.” Save Implementing Agency button
  9. A new implementing agency plan and the associated users have been successfully added to the system. User details are now listed within each agency.
    Implementing Agencies List View
  10. Select “Continue”. The Basic Information page appears. Choose whether this is a multi-year or single-year plan, and if this is a Needs Assessment update or Comprehensive Needs Assessment.
    Basic Information
    If this is a Comprehensive Needs Assessment year, select a Gross Income Limit in accordance with the State. Then, click “Save and Continue”. 
    Gross Income Limit
  11. State Plan setup is complete. Select “Begin Annual Plan” to begin entering plan data.
    Begin annual plan button