Submit Plan (SA)

Before submitting the plan, all data must be reviewed. For additional instructions, see the following:
    1. Review IA Plans and Request Changes
    2. Final Review (SA)
  1. From the homepage, click Start Annual Plan.

    Start the Annual Plan Button
  2. From the Annual Plan Overview page, go to the navigation menu and select Final Review.

    Final Review Nav Bar
  3. In the Final Review section, once all modules are marked as reviewed click Submit. Submit Annual Plan Button
  4. The Assurances and Signatures page appears. Click Download Checklist to download the assurances checklist.
    Download checklist from USDA button
  5. The checklist opens in a new window. Download the form or print to PDF and complete the checklist.
    Assurances and Signatures form
  6. Sign the checklist and upload the signed form. Click Continue to move forward with plan submission.
    Upload signed form and continue
  7. The Submit Annual Plan page appears. To submit the plan to the Regional Office for review, click Submit Annual Plan.
    Submit 2024 Annual Plan
  8. The confirmation page appears. Optionally click the Review button to review the submitted plan.
    Review Plan Button