Review IA Plans & Request Changes

After Implementing Agencies submit plans, the State Agency can review IA plans and request changes. Each IA plan is reviewed separately.
  1. From the homepage, click Start Annual Plan.
    Start 2024 Annual Plan Button
  2. From the Annual Plan Overview page, go to the navigation menu and select Review Implementing Agency Plans.
    Review Implementing Agencies Button
  3. The Review Implementing Agency Plans section lists each IA within the state. Click the arrow to view a list of modules for a specific IA plan.
    Review Implementing Agencies Arrow button
  4. Click the Review button to examine data from a specific module.
    Review button
  5. Review data is listed in different formats for each module:
    a. Projects: To view details for each project, click the corresponding arrow. Click the Reviewed checkbox for each project.
    review projects arrow
    b. Evaluations: To view details for each evaluation, click the corresponding arrow. Click the Reviewed checkbox for each evaluation.
    evaluation review arrow button
    c. Coordination & Collaboration: All details are listed on the review page.
    coordination and collaboration review section
    d. Staffing and Budget: Initially, the Total Budget is listed. Click each tab to view budget details for direct costs, staffing, travel, and the budget narrative.
    Review Total Budget Tabs
  6. Once all details within a module have been reviewed, click Mark as Reviewed.
    mark as reviewed button
  7. The Review IA Plans section appears, and the module is marked as reviewed.
    module marked as reviewed
  8. If the review of IA Plans reveals changes are needed within an IA plan, click Request Changes.
    Request changes button
  9. A comment field appears. List changes needed or questions to answer. Then click Request Changes.
    Request changes button
  10. Comments are emailed to all IA staff with access to the SNAP-Ed National PEARS system. The status of the IA plan is listed as Changes Requested.
    changes requested message
  11. Once all modules within an IA plan have been reviewed and no additional changes are needed, click Approve.
    approve button
  12. The Approve Plan window appears. Read the approval details and click Approve.
    approve button
    The IA Plan’s status is listed as Approved.
    Implementing Agency plan approved icon.
  13. Repeat steps 3-12 for each IA in the state. Review plan modules, request changes (as needed), and approve the plan.