Annual Plan to Annual Report Data Copying

In order to ease data-entry burden and assist in reporting data that is consistent with each agency’s planned efforts, some data will automatically copy over from the annual plan to fields within the annual report.


When a user starts the annual report, data is copied from the annual plan of the corresponding year (for example, when starting the FY 2025 report, data is copied from the FY 2025 plan).
Data copied from the plan includes:
  • State Priority Goals and Objectives
  • Projects & Nonproject Activities
  • Evaluations
  • Coordination & Collaboration (Minority-Serving Institutions, Tribes and Tribal Organizations, etc.)
Data copied from the annual plan to the annual report is mapped in the following categories. To learn more, click on each category:
  1. Projects and Activity Results

  2. Evaluation Reports

  3. Coordination and Collaboration