Direct Cost Category Definitions

  1. Salaries/benefits 
    Salaries/benefits of personnel involved in SNAP-Ed and administrative support.
  2. Noncapital equipment/office supplies 
    Includes office equipment, supplies, postage, and duplication costs necessary to carry out project objectives.
  3. Nutrition education materials 
    Includes the development and production of SNAP-Ed materials when no other appropriate materials exist.
  4. Travel 
    Includes charges for travel necessary to fulfill the approved plan.
  5. Cost of using publicly owned building space 
    Includes depreciation based on the building’s original acquisition cost and such building-related costs as maintenance and utilities; must not include costs of maintenance, utilities, etc. directly if they are charged as indirect costs.
  6. Institutional memberships and subscriptions 
    Includes costs of institutional memberships in technical and professional organizations necessary to effectively implement an approved State SNAP-Ed plan. Costs of individual memberships and professional registration or license fees paid.
  7. Equipment and other capital expenditures valued at more than $5,000 per item must receive prior Federal approval.