Annual Plan Budget Example

Examples and calculation details for each budget section are included below. 
The data shown in this example are designed to represent the calculations performed within the site and do not represent actual SNAP-Ed budget data.

Planned Staffing

Total Staffing Budget is auto-summed to show the total SNAP-Ed Salary, Benefits, and Wages for all positions. Note that each SNAP-Ed Salary is multiplied by the Full-Time Equivalents Charged to SNAP-Ed.
Planned Staffing Subtotal Column

Project Budgets

One project budget is automatically created for each project listed in module 3. 
Total Direct Costs for each project are auto-summed for each project. 
Project Budget Example
Subtotals Across Projects for each Direct Cost Category are auto-summed at the bottom of the page. 
Budget Totals by Direct Cost Category

Other SNAP-Ed Expenditures

Direct Costs from each category are auto-summed to show the total Planned Budget for Other SNAP-Ed Activities.

Table of Other SNAP-Ed Expenditures

Non-SNAP-Ed Funding

Direct Costs from each category are auto-summed to show the total “Other (i.e., Non-SNAP-Ed) Planned Public and Private Funding”
Chart of Non-SNAP-Ed Funding


 Click Add Travel to add data for an individual trip. 
List of planned travel
Data listed in each row are automatically multiplied to show the total cost for each category.
Totals for each cost category are automatically summed to show the total trip cost.
Add Travel Form

Indirect Costs

  • This data is not auto-filled. Users manually enter the Total Indirect Costs, the Indirect Cost Rate, and/or Indirect Cost Explanation, if there is no single indirect cost rate percentage.

  • To describe the indirect cost rate users may enter an Indirect Cost Rate (%), Indirect Cost Explanation, or both.

  • It is the user’s responsibility to make sure the Total Indirect Costs and the Indirect Cost Rate match up accurately, if needed. The system does not validate the indirect costs entered against the total budget.
Budget for Indirect Costs

Estimated Unobligated Balance

This section does not include calculations.
Estimated Unobligated Balance

Total Budget

The Total Budget table is read only. Data from the budget module are automatically pulled in to calculate the Total Budget for the year. 
  • For Implementing Agency (IA) plans, the Total Budget page reflects budget data entered for that IA. 
  • For State Agency (SA) plans, the Total Budget page includes budget data entered for the SA and budget data entered for all IAs in the state. On the SA total budget page, the IA budget totals are included in the Contracts/Sub-Grants/Agreements total. 
  • Total Direct Costs = Sum of all Direct Cost Category Totals
  • Total for each Direct Cost category = Total cost across all projects + Total cost for Other SNAP-Ed Expenditures

    Total Salary/Benefits = Salary/Benefits total across all projects + Salary/Benefits total for Other SNAP-Ed Expenditures
  • Indirect Cost data is auto-filled from the total on the Indirect Costs page.
  • Total Federal Funds = Total Direct Cost + Total Indirect Cost
  • Estimated unobligated balance/carry-over data is auto-filled from the total on the Carry Over Balance FFY page.  

  • Funds requested from current FFY allocation = Total Federal Funds – Carry-over
Planned Total Budget Review