November 27, 2023 – The Annual Report is Live in N-PEARS (Implementing Agency Announcement)

We are excited to announce that the annual report is now available in N-PEARS!  
You can log in to National PEARS here: Below are a few details related to starting the FY23 annual report. 
  • State Report Setup 
    Before implementing agencies can begin entering report data, the State agency must complete the State Report Setup. The setup section allows State agencies to adjust the list of implementing agencies in your State that will be completing the FY23 annual report and set up your State priority goals and SMART objectives for the FY23 report. Implementing agencies will not be able to access the annual report until the State agency completes the setup section. If needed, please reach out to your State agency if your access is delayed due to the State report setup. If your State agency has not completed the setup section, you will see the following message in N-PEARS:
    You can begin your agency's 2023 annual report once your state agency has started its annual report. 
  • N-PEARS User Accounts 
    All implementing agency staff with an existing N-PEARS account used to work on the State plan will also have access to the annual report in N-PEARS. If a new team member at your implementing agency needs an N-PEARS account, please reach out to your State agency. State agencies have access to set up accounts for implementing agencies within N-PEARS. 
FY23 annual reports are due to FNS by January 31, 2024. Please coordinate with your State agency for more details on the deadline for submitting your report to the State agency. SNAP-Ed Connection includes additional details on the SNAP-Ed report process for FY23 annual reports. 
Please reach out to N-PEARS Support with any questions about how to login or use the system:, 785-789-3199.