November 22, 2023 – Annual Report Data Import Template

To help save time as your team prepares the FY23 annual report, N-PEARS will include a “Data Import” feature allowing you to add required annual report data to some sections via an Excel upload. The import template was shared via email with all N-PEARS users on November 22, 2023 and will also be available to download from within N-PEARS, after the annual report launches on November 27, 2023. 
In order to assist with the data import template, we’ve created documentation for your reference. The mapping documentation shows how each field within the import file maps to the annual report data entry fields. This documentation also includes notes and tips on how to set up your data in the import template. We will also be adding a training video to the N-PEARS support documentation walking through the import process and import template in more detail.  
A few notes about the import template: 
  • The import template is not comprehensive. Some annual report data must be added through the data entry modules*.  * “Data Entry Modules” refers to the seven annual report modules that will be available in N-PEARS to add FY23 annual report data: Project and Activity Results, Evaluation Reports, Success Stories, Challenges and Modifications, Coordination and Collaboration, SNAP-Ed Financial Reporting, and Executive Summary.  
  • Importing data is optional. All data can be added to N-PEARS through the data entry modules, as needed. If your agency has a small set of FY23 annual report data to enter, we recommend adding data directly through the data entry modules rather than using the Excel template to import data.  
  • If you import data, you are not required to add data to all sheets within the Excel file. You can import a subset of the data available in the Excel file.  
  • All imported data can be edited or deleted within the data entry modules.   
  • For agencies using PEARS to track data throughout the year, the “N-PEARS Export” includes the same data fields as the attached import template. You will be able to import the “N-PEARS Export” Excel file directly into N-PEARS.  
  • Importing data will not delete any existing data. The import will only add new records or update existing records. 
Please reach out to Canopy’s N-PEARS Support team (785-789-3199, with any questions about the data import feature or data import template for the FY23 annual report.