June 7, 2023 – SNAP Participation

This update is live in N-PEARS as of June 7, 2023. This update affects the SNAP Participation section in the Target Audience and Needs Assessment module. This update affects State agency plans only. A screenshot from the data source is provided below to illustrate the changes.

SNAP Participation Update

SNAP Participation data is now pulled from column L (Calc: SNAP Total PA and Non-PA Households) in the July 2021 Bi-Annual County Level SNAP Participation and Issuance Data.
Data was previously pulled from column H (SNAP All Households Public Assistance Participation). However, it has come to our attention that data should instead be pulled from column L.
SNAP Participation columns H and L
If you have not edited the SNAP Participation section at the time of this update, our team updated this section to represent the data in column L. If your state has edited any fields in the pre-populated SNAP Participation data already, your existing data remains intact.