July 27, 2023 – Planned Staffing Data Update

The 12 impacted agencies were sent the following email on July 27, 2023.
Hello from the N-PEARS Support team at Canopy! 
We’re reaching out with information about an automatic data update affecting your agency’s N-PEARS plan data. More details are provided below: 
What data have been updated?
The “Planned Staffing” section in the “Planned Staffing and Budget” module
Why was my data updated?
The Planned Staffing section in the N-PEARS State plan budget module was recently re-formatted. More details on the changes to the form are provided here: Planned Staffing Update.
Our data team has identified your agency as a candidate for an automatic data “fix” to update your Planned Staffing data to match the new form.
In the Planned Staffing data originally entered for your agency, your team submitted salaries representing the amount that SNAP-Ed staff will be paid using SNAP-Ed funds (FTE x Full Salary). The updated Planned Staffing form asks for the Full Salary to be entered, and the form calculates the subtotal for you within N-PEARS (FTE x Full Salary).  
How does the update affect my data? 
To match the Planned Staffing format, the data originally entered in the “Salary” column are now reflected in the “Subtotal” column. We’ve made this change by dividing the “Salary” data by the FTE provided. 
When did the change occur?
Your agency’s Planned Staffing data was updated at 8:00pm Central on 7/26/2023. 
Who do I contact with questions?
Please reach out to Canopy’s N-PEARS Support team with any questions about this data update (support@pears.io, 785-789-3199). For questions about how Planned Staffing data should be formatted in N-PEARS, please contact your Regional Office. The National Office plans to follow up with all agencies affected by the data update, and will be available for questions as well. 
Thank you! 
Madalyn and the Canopy Team