July 12, 2023 – Planned Staffing Update

The following updates are live in N-PEARS as of July 12, 2023. These updates affect the Budget Import and the Planned Staffing sections in State plans and implementing agency plans. A screenshot from the system is provided below to illustrate the changes. 

N-PEARS System Updates

Salary Column Text

The column title “SNAP-Ed Salary, Benefits, and Wages (Federal dollars only)” is updated to “Average Full Salary, Benefits, and Wages for Position. For each position, the salary data entered should reflect the entire salary, benefits, and wages for 1 FTE within that position.

Budget Template Calculation

For each row, N-PEARS automatically calculates the estimated total salary for all staff with this position by multiplying FTE charged to SNAP-Ed x Salary, Benefits, and Wages. The system currently performs this calculation, and will continue to perform this calculation.
The budget import template previously did not include this calculation, and is now updated to match the calculation within N-PEARS. If you plan to import budget data, please download the new version of the template from N-PEARS. Uploading previous versions of the templates will result in an error message.

Planned Staffing Section Calculation

A few agencies identified an issue where Total Salary/Benefits calculated in the Planned Staffing section was slightly inaccurate if “cents” were included in the Salary data. The calculation is now updated to resolve this issue.

New Subtotal Column

To provide more information on the calculations performed, a new “Subtotals” column now shows in the Planned Staffing data entry section and in the budget import template. The subtotals column lists the total calculated for each row. The column title indicates the method used to calculate each subtotal (FTE x Average Full Salary, Benefits and Wages for Position).


Planned staffing section updates

As-Needed Data Corrections

For agencies that have entered budget data that does not align with this updated format, Canopy has updated the “Salary” data for you to help save time on your end.
  • For each position that did not align with the update, the Salary has been divided by the FTE data provided, to calculate the estimated total salary for one staff member with that position.
  • Please reach out to N-PEARS Support with any questions or concerns about your Planned Staffing data.
  • The National Office plans to follow up individually with all agencies impacted by this data update. 

Note: Total Budget Not Impacted

Please note that data from the Planned Staffing section is not included in the Total Budget. 
The SNAP-Ed Salary/Benefits data in the Total Budget is pulled from the Project Budgets and Other SNAP-Ed Expenditures sections. If your agency’s data in the Planned Staffing section has been updated, the Total Budget is not impacted.