August 21, 2023 – UEF and CP Kickoff

Thank you for your participation in the Annual Report Feedback Program for the SNAP-Ed National Program Evaluation and Reporting System (N-PEARS) annual report! Participating in this program allows you to preview the annual report and fill out surveys to provide feedback about your user experience. Feedback will be analyzed to determine system improvements before the annual report launches in fall 2023. The practice site will be open from August 21 to September 8. Below is more information on how to get started: 

"Practice" N-PEARS Site


As part of either the User Experience Feedback (UEF) or Community Preview (CP) programs, you have access to a separate “practice” N-PEARS site ( to preview the annual report. Please keep in mind: 
  • The “practice” site is completely separate from the live N-PEARS site. Any data submitted in the “practice” site does not affect your existing FY24 State plan or your upcoming FY23 annual report. All “practice” data will be deleted at the close of the UEF and CP programs. 
  • Some data will automatically pull from State plans to the annual report, including: State Goals and SMART Objectives, Coordination and Collaboration, Projects, and Evaluations. For the FY23 report, including the “practice” site, data will be pulled from the FY24 plan and details can be adjusted as needed. In future years, data will be pulled from the plan for the corresponding report year.
  • This “practice” site is a “beta” version of the N-PEARS annual report. You may encounter bugs while using the “practice” site. There will be additional features available for the N-PEARS annual report that are not included in the “practice” site. A list of features that will be added before the annual report launch is available here. 
  • Please contact Canopy’s N-PEARS Support team if you encounter bugs or questions related to the “practice” N-PEARS site (, 785-789-3199). 

Login Instructions

To log in to the “practice” N-PEARS site for the UEF and CP, follow the steps below: 
  1. Go to the following url in your web browser:
  2. The login page displays. Click the “Forgot Password” button to reset your password.
    forgot password link
  3. Check your inbox for a Password Reset email. If you do not see the email in your inbox or spam folder, please reach out to N-PEARS Support for assistance (, 785-789-3199). 
  4. After updating your password, return to the login page and sign in to the “practice” site. 

Feedback Surveys

  • As your agency previews the annual report, eight feedback surveys are available via links embedded throughout the site.
  • Feedback survey links are included in the “Mark as Complete” section at the end of each of the seven report modules, and a comprehensive feedback survey is available when submitting the report.


A live training session for the Annual Report Feedback Program will be provided on August 22 at 2:00pm EST to help you get started. A recording will be available if you are unable to attend live training. States participating in the UEF are required to attend the training or watch the recording. The training is optional for CP participants. 

Q&A Sessions

Canopy will host weekly Q&A sessions at the following times:   
Q&A sessions will function as “office hours” where Canopy is available to answer questions or help with any issues you encounter. Q&A sessions are optional. 
Canopy’s N-PEARS Support team is also available via phone and email to help with UEF or CP questions (, 785-789-3199). You do not need to save questions for a Q&A session. UEF and CP participants are welcome to reach out to our Support team as needed. 

Additional Notes

  • The UEF and CP programs take place August 21 – September 8, 2023. The “practice” N-PEARS site and the feedback surveys will be available through September 8th. 

  • The UEF and CP programs are not intended for participants to enter actual FY23 report data but are designed as an opportunity to provide feedback on the system’s functionality and the user experience. We recommend entering “example” or “practice” data for the UEF and CP (rather than your agency’s actual report data) in order to save time while testing the user experience.


Please contact Canopy’s N-PEARS Support team with any questions or issues related to the UEF and CP programs (, 785-789-3199).