2024-01-18 – N-PEARS Annual Report Updates

Happy New Year! We hope 2024 is off to a great start. We are excited to announce a few updates to the annual report in N-PEARS that are now live. 
Success Story Requirement waived  
When the annual report first launched in N-PEARS, all implementing agencies were required to add at least two success stories. This requirement is now waived, and N-PEARS allows all agencies to submit the annual report even if less than two success stories are included. 
Success Story Partner Types now optional 
When adding success stories, the “Background” section requires a “type of partner” involved in the success story to be selected. A new “Not applicable” option will be added to this list, to be selected if none of the listed partner types were involved in the success story.  
Thank you for reaching out as you encounter questions or issues, and please continue to contact our Support team with any questions or concerns about how the system works (support@pears.io, 785-789-3199).