Annual Report Data Import

To help save time as your team prepares the Annual Report, N-PEARS includes a “Data Import” feature allowing you to add required annual report data to some sections via an Excel upload. Note that this feature is optional; you can also enter data manually in each section of N-PEARS. For instances where you have a low quantity of … Read more

Coordination and Collaboration

Welcome to the Annual Report in National PEARS! This article will walk through the sixth module: Coordination and Collaboration. In this module you will identify any federal programs, multisector partnerships, tribes and tribal organizations, or minority serving institutions your agency collaborated with in a significant way.   Section 1: Federal Nutrition, Obesity Prevention, and Health … Read more

Annual Report Final Review: Implementing Agencies

Introductory or explanatory text… After entering data for all modules, review the Annual Report. From the homepage, click Work on the Annual Report.   From the Annual Report Overview, go to the navigation menu and select Final Review.  The Final Review section lists each module from the Report. Click the Review button to examine data from a specific module.  Details … Read more

Submit Report: Implementing Agencies

Before submitting the report, all modules must be reviewed. For instructions on reviewing the report, see Annual Report Final Review (Implementing Agency). From the homepage, click Work on the Annual Report. The Annual Report Overview page appears. Go to the navigation menu and select Final Review.   In the Final Review section, click Submit. The Submit page appears. To … Read more

Challenges and Modifications

This section gives you the opportunity to identify any difficulties you may have had in implementing your projects and nonproject activities, and what steps you took to overcome these challenges. Each of the three questions in this section are required. Once you are done inputting your answers, you can mark the module as complete using … Read more

Success Stories

The Success Stories module allows you to list notable success stories related to your agency’s SNAP-Ed efforts in the reporting year. This includes stories from PSE or multilevel projects and efforts involving diverse partners in collaborative work.    To report a Success Story, click the “Add Success Story” button.    Here you can give the story … Read more

Save Buttons Overview

Throughout the system different forms of save and continue buttons appear. In order to ensure that your data is being properly saved on each page, it is good to understand the function of each button. Below is a description of each button’s functionality: Continue button – the main function of the continue button is to mark the … Read more

July 27, 2023 – Planned Staffing Data Update

The 12 impacted agencies were sent the following email on July 27, 2023.  Hello from the N-PEARS Support team at Canopy!  We’re reaching out with information about an automatic data update affecting your agency’s N-PEARS plan data. More details are provided below:  What data have been updated?The “Planned Staffing” section in the “Planned Staffing and Budget” module Why … Read more

Document PSE Reach

For the purposes of this reporting system, reach is defined as the unduplicated number of people who come in direct contact with one or more PSE changes at a site over the course of the year. Please report on reach at the site level only. Thus, if you are implementing multiple PSE strategies in a site, the … Read more

Annual Report Feedback Program

Overview As Canopy develops the annual report component of National PEARS, Canopy and FNS are offering the User Experience Feedback (UEF) program and Community Preview (CP) to gather user feedback about the system before launch.  The optional UEF and CP programs allow you to preview the annual report and fill out surveys to provide feedback … Read more