Document PSE Reach

For the purposes of this reporting system, reach is defined as the unduplicated number of people who come in direct contact with one or more PSE changes at a site over the course of the year. Please report on reach at the site level only. Thus, if you are implementing multiple PSE strategies in a site, the … Read more


The following symbols appear throughout the National PEARS system. Symbol Definition Not Started / Not Yet Viewed Viewed In Progress Completed Requested Changes

Field Types

This article describes the types of data entry fields included in the National PEARS system. Conditional Fields Some fields only appear if certain responses are selected in previous fields.  Example: The textbox to describe adaptations only appears if the intervention will be adapted. Date Range Dates may be selected from the calendar provided.  Drop-down List … Read more

Direct Cost Category Definitions

Salaries/benefits Salaries/benefits of personnel involved in SNAP-Ed and administrative support. Noncapital equipment/office supplies Includes office equipment, supplies, postage, and duplication costs necessary to carry out project objectives. Nutrition education materials Includes the development and production of SNAP-Ed materials when no other appropriate materials exist. Travel Includes charges for travel necessary to fulfill the approved plan. Cost of using publicly … Read more