Annual Report Feedback Program


As Canopy develops the annual report component of National PEARS, Canopy and FNS are offering the User Experience Feedback (UEF) program and Community Preview (CP) to gather user feedback about the system before launch. 
The optional UEF and CP programs allow you to preview the annual report and fill out surveys to provide feedback about your user experience. Feedback will be analyzed to determine system improvements before the annual report launches in fall 2023.
The following activities are included in both feedback programs:
  • Access to a “Preview” Version of the Annual Report
    Each user from participating States can log into a “practice” site to preview the annual report and review the user experience.

  • Training
    A short training will be provided when “practice” site access is granted. The focus of this training will be: reviewing the purpose of the feedback program, demonstrating how to access the feedback surveys, and answering any questions about how the feedback program works. This training will be recorded for anyone unable to attend.

  • Feedback Surveys
    Each user has access to a feedback survey for each module within the annual report, and an overall feedback survey.

  • Q&A Sessions
    Canopy will provide three optional Q&A sessions, one session per week during the feedback program.

What is the difference between the UEF program vs. CP?

The two feedback programs differ in the number of states able to participate and the amount of participation required:
  • The UEF program is limited to no more than 9 states. UEF program participants are expected to attend a training session, complete all 8 surveys, and submit an example annual report.

  • CP participants can participate as much (or as little) as they would like. The training session, surveys, and annual report submission are all optional. Any states not involved in the UEF can participate in the CP.

When is the feedback program?

The UEF and CP programs will take place August 21 – September 8, 2023. Feedback surveys and “practice” site access will be available during this timeframe.

How do I sign up to participate?

State agencies can register their state and implementing agencies via the following form: Please note that you need to log in to N-PEARS before accessing the form.
  • States interested in nominating themselves for the UEF program should complete the form before August 4, 2023.

  • The FNS National Office will determine the group of no more than 9 UEF states, and UEF states will be notified on August 14, 2023.

  • The final registration deadline for the CP is August 18, 2023.

How will States be selected to participate in the UEF?

Participation in the UEF is limited to no more than 9 States. The final list will be selected by the FNS National Office Nutrition Education Branch. The following factors will be considered when selecting UEF participants:
  • Region: At least one State from each region will be invited to participate in the UEF program.
  • Size and Type: UEF States will include a variety of sizes and types of SNAP-Ed agencies.
  • PEARS Usage: UEF States will include States using PEARS and States not using PEARS.
  • State Plan Engagement: Preference will be given to States that have demonstrated engagement (e.g., feedback, questions) while completing the State plan within N-PEARS.

Additional notes:

  • The UEF and CP programs are not intended for participants to enter actual FY23 report data, but are designed as an opportunity to provide feedback on the system’s functionality and the user experience. All annual report data from the “practice” system will be deleted at the end of the feedback program.

  • The “practice” system is completely separate from the existing N-PEARS system. Any data entered or changes made within the “practice” system will not affect your data within the actual N-PEARS site.

  • Please reach out to N-PEARS Support with any questions about the UEF or CP.